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Vision, Overview, Mission, Strategy

Vision Of BRDB:

Poverty free and self reliant rural Bangladesh       



Bangladesh Rural Development Board is the  prime government agency engaged in rural development and poverty alleviation. BRDB basically operates by organizing the small and marginal farmers into cooperative societies for increasing agricultural production through improved means and by forming formal or informal groups of landless men and distressed women to promote income generating activities in the rural areas. The origin of BRDB lies in the erstwhile Integrated  Rural Development Program (IRDP) which was launched in the early 70s to replicate Two-Tier Cooperative, popularly known as the Comilla Model the Upazila Central Cooperative Association (UCCA) - Village based farmer cooperatives (KSS) system. The system is based on the "Comilla approach" to rural development, as conceived by the Bangladesh Academy for rural Development (BARD) in the early 1960s. IRDP was introduced to promote economic growth through increased agricultural production.

Two-Tier Cooperative as the core component of IRDP together with other elements such as capital accumulation, training, credit, marketing, extension and technological support promoted IRDP to help attaining food autarky in the country. In view of IRDP success the program was transformed in 1982 into a nation- wide institution called Bangladesh Rural Development Board. gradually, the activities of BRDB expanded beyond its originally  mandated functions to the task of alleviation of endemic rural poverty by reaching the poorest of the poor through group- based self employment and income enhancing initiatives.

In order to fulfill its lately assumed mission of reducing rural poverty. BRDB had to adopt a new strategy and undertake a number of development projects in addition to its normal programs. BRDB has so far implemented 114 development projects and 07 are know under implementation. Each project designed and implemented by BRDB includes in itself various social development issues such as Primary Health Care, HIV/AIDS, sanitation, environment, mass education and the like which has an indirect impact on reducing rural poverty. BRDB thus moved from a sect oral approach to a multidimensional  approach with the following goal, objectives and strategies.



Mission of BRDB:

The outstanding mission of BRDB includes the followings:

(i)       To organize Comilla type of cooperative for optimum utilization of human as well as material resources available to development.

(ii)         To organize rural masses into cohesive & disciplined group for planned sustained development.

(iii)       Accumulate/mobilize rural capital through thrift deposit & sale of shares.

(iv)      Ensuring proper utilization of institutional credit

(v)      Developing human resources through training & motivation to the portfolio of demand driven as well as women empowerment.

(vi)      Integrate Supply & Services for effective utilization.

(vii)     Develop local leadership as community catalyst.

BRDB basically emphasis on institution building toward RD, which involves human element is by no means an easy job. As such, it has well defined strategical dimension.


BRDB’s efforts includes institutional building which act as a leading instrument to promote RD a package organizational human infrastructure with the following elements:-

-                      Institutions setting both formal & non-formal nature.

-                      Training of both beneficiaries & functionaries as animators.

-                      Credit as Micro/Farm loan /Rural Non Firm (RNF).

-                      Marketing & storage efforts.

-                      Other productive inputs.

-                      Implementing community & target based projects & programs.

-                      Encouraging rural capital mobilization.

-                      Multipurpose catalysts.

-                      Shift of assumption from time bound project to program approach.

-                      Collaborating with NBD’s, Local self government & NGOs.

-                      Gender development activity.

-                      Efforts towards sustainable track of activity.





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