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Women's Development

Women in Bangladesh, particularly those in rural areas, are severely disadvantaged. Inhibited by a low social status and lack of access to remunerative employment and educational opportunities, they have historically been unable to reap the benefits of development.


Since inception, the BRDB has been striving to improve the status of women within Bangladesh. It realises the necessity of involving all in the development process, and for that reason has undertaken steps to ensure women's participation.

In 1975, the BRDB launched a countrywide women's development project titled, "Strengthening Population Planning through Rural Women's Cooperatives". The project sought to mobilise women in the development process by organising them into cooperatives, which then granted members access to BRDB services. The success of the project led it to become established as a main scheme programme under the recurring revenue budget.

To this day, the programme seeks, as always, to reach the following objectives:

  • Organise rural poor women into cooperatives for their participation in socio-economic development,
  • Improve rural women's socio-economic condition by equipping them with skills and knowledge,
  • Provide working capital to female co-operators, to allow them to undertake various income generating activities and entrepreneurial development projects.
  • To provide training on different IGA's, various STD's and HIV/AIDS preventive measures, women rights, women empowerment, child abuse etc.



Key Achievements of the Women's Programme

Number of Societies Formed   7227
Members Enrolment     255406
Total Shares Deposited     90.88 Million Taka
Total Savings Deposited     209.46 Million Taka
Total Credit Disbursed     4708.75 Million Taka
Total Credit Realised     4145.90 Million Taka
Loan Recovery Rate      96%


Tangail Women's Training Centre

It is an important and specialized women training centre of BRDB situated in Tangail which providing valuable support and services to rural women, The centre was built to provide advanced training to women co-operators, which could not be administered at the Upazila level. The centre trains society representatives, who then return to their villages and train their fellow co-operators. To date, the centre has provided training to over 9000 members.


Overview of the BRDB's Women's Programmes


  • Mahila Bittaheen Kendrio Unnayan Samity (MOBIKUS)

This programme aims to reduce poverty of the distressed women and empowered them socio-economically through providing skill development training and micro-credit for income generating activities. This programme is implemented in 20 Upazilas within Dhaka, Manikgonj, Munshigonj, Narayangonj, Gazipur and Narsingdi Districts.


  • Self Employment Project for the Poor Women (DAMAK)

This project aims to alleviate poverty, raise the standard of living and empower them socio - economically of the distressed women. The project operates in 21 Upazilas in the greater Jessore District.


  • Productive Employment and Development Programme for Rural women (PEDPRW- AARDO)

This project is funded by the Afro-Asian Rural Development Organisation. The project aims to alleviate poverty, develop living standard and empower rural women. It is implemented in only 3 Upazilas in 3 Districts.



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