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Story 6 - A story of a self-confident youth

Md. Rafiqul Islam was born in a poor family. The name of his village is Chak Kagoil, U.P. Sonar Rai, Upazila-Gabtali, under the district of Bogra. Because of financial problem, he studied up to Class 8. He led his life with hardship with his wife and two little children. So, he was very anxious to find out the way of handsome income to maintain his family.


At that moment, he came to know about the Integrated Poverty Alleviation Programmes (IPAP) of BRDB. He with other 20 members of his village formed a team named landless male on 21 August in 2004 under the IPAP with the help of Md. Kamruzzman, field assistant of that programme. Md. Rafiqul Islam was appointed manager of that team. Other members including Rafiqul began to save wekly 10.000 taka as deposit. In 2004 Rafiqul Islam opened a small grocer shop at Pir gasa Bazar taking 5000/- (Tk. five Thousand) as loan from the IPAP. He deposited savings and paid the installments of the loan from the benefit of his business.


success06.JPGIn 2005, he took loan of Tk. 8,000/-  as second installment and brought a local cow. That cow gives him 3.5 liters of milk every day. He earns two thousand taka per month selling milk. He paid the previous loan in due time.

He accepted loan of Tk. 10,000/- in 2006. He has bought another cow by that money. At present, he earns six thousand taka per month from that two cows and small shop of Pirgasa. Under the Integrated Poverty Alleviation Programme to BRDB he has brought prosperity by hard labour and devotion. He has set up tube-well and a sanitary latrine in his house. He has got his ten years old son admitted in to a school. Besides his own development, he is contributing to the socio economic development of his area.

Rafiqul Islam by his hard labour and the assistance of the Integrated poverty Alleviation Programme of BRDB has established him self a confident worker. 



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