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Message from Director General

I’m glad to note that BRDB is   publishing   an  inter- active Website accessible at www.brdb.gov.bd. Hosting & publishing website by any organization represents its  presentation in the modern age of  Information Technology (IT).  The website  is  an  important  document of   BRDB  to be used as a useful reference for development   practitioners , promoters, researchers, policymakers and development partners engaged in the field of rural development and poverty alleviation. 


The Integrated  Rural Development Programme (IRDP) was initiated as a National Programme in May,1971  with the aim to replicate  the  Comilla Model Two-tier Cooperative evolved by Dr. Akhter Hamid Khan scholar & policy thinker Dr. A.Khan across the country for an integrated efforts to rural development in Bangladesh. The IRDP was transferred into Bangladesh Rural Development Board(BRDB) by an ordinance No. LIII of 1982 with effect from 13 December,1982 in order to consolidate the Two-tier Cooperative Programme & respond to the needs of the vast poor rural communities.


Currently BRDB is the largest public sector organization engaged in rural development and poverty reduction in Bangladesh .Initially it started journey with the  small and marginal farmers organizing them into Two–tier Cooperatives (TCCA–KSS ) net work and assisted them with training ,credit, marketing and  other technological supports to promote agricultural growth in the country. The Two-tier coop. efforts yielded a tremendous impact to reach the country to  a state of attaining near food self sufficiency.  

BRDB  has  successfully  completed  70 projects aimed at modernizing agriculture, women empowerment and poverty reduction. At present BRDB has been implementing 4 projects beyond its main scheme Two-tier Cooperatives programme to help reducing rural poverty & rural entrepreneurship development . The all-out efforts and initiatives of BRDB along with the consequent outputs/ outcomes/ impacts have been well documented in the website.


I’m very much delighted to note further that the website will facilitate instant sharing of our experiences by the world community.  I welcome you all to visit our inter-active Website.  Looking  forward  for   valuable comments which  would be highly appreciated to enrich and   update the  publication . For  more details please feel free to contact us.


Director General

BRDB, Dhaka.




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